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This app will save you money centralizing your refunds in one place!

No More Forgetting

Never lose money again by forgetting a refund or payment you are entitled to.

Monitor Your Refunds

Now you always know which refunds already arrived and which are still pending.

Detailed Information

Save important details about every refund, such as the amount, the account/credit card, the expected refund date.

Soon: Push Notifications

Receive a reminder on the day you expect your refund.

Soon: International Currency Support


Soon: International App

Hola, Hallo, Bonjour, Bom Día,...soon in many languages.

Frequently Ask Questions

What is the Refundtracker App?

The Refundtracker App is your place to store your refunds and incoming payments. Never lose money again because of a forgotten refund or payment.

What platforms are supported?

The Refundtracker App is available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

How do I use the Refundtracker App?

Just create a new item, simple and easy. You can even add the account and the date of payment. Additionally you can add notes such as a payment ID or contact number.

Can I have the app in my local language?

We are working on an international version of the app to make the Refundtracker App accessible in other languages.

Do I need to create an account to use the app?

You don't need an account to use the Refundtracker App.

Is the Refundtracker App free?

The Refundtracker App is completely free.

Why the Refundtracker App

Ever had a refund that never arrived on your account? Ever expected some money to be returned on your credit card? Ever waited for an important payment to come in? The Refundtracker App solves that problem. Store all your expected (hopefully soon received) refunds in one place.

If you have feedback or feature requests please email us at refundtrackerapp@gmail.com